Mediation Services

Conflict arises when someone or something is calling for change, and I hear you. Through facilitating difficult conversations, I can help to create understanding and movement towards change, from a place of compassion and neutrality.

A mediator is an observant third party that guides communication for two people who are engaged in a conflict. By creating a space with both structure and support, I will assist each party in moving toward resolution or the next step that makes the sense to them. I will work with each person simultaneously, to get clear on what is most important to them, allowing the conflict to shift in a safe container. Through the process of mindful negotiation, new agreements can be reached that are aligned with the true integrity and authenticity of each party.

The benefit of mediating includes the opportunity to gain clarity on what matters most, often illuminating a new path forward, through awareness and a fresh perspective. I am capable of tailoring a unique experience that matches each individual, so that both parties’ needs are met, insuring that the best decision can be made for everyone involved in moving forward.